Tulsa Police on Spotlight after Video Shows Handcuffing of 2 Black Teens for Jaywalking


Body Cam Video Shows 2 Black Teens Handcuffed for Jaywalking 

Tulsa police released video footage Tuesday of two black teens getting handcuffed, and one of them taken into custody, for jaywalking.

The incident sparked criticism from the city’s mayor and the head of a coalition of black officers.

The release of the video came after community criticism of the June 4 incident, which police said was under investigation.

The video showed two black teens walking down the middle of an empty street when at least two police officers confronted them.

The officers approached the boys and started handcuffing one of them. In the video, one of the officers was seen tackling one of the boys and aggressively pinning him down with his knees, as the other boy questioned the tactic.

It was not immediately clear whether the teens were issued a citation or formally charged.