Washington DC Mayor Has “Black Lives Matter” Painted on Street to White House


Washington DC Mayor Praised for Renaming Street to White House as “Black Lives Matter Plaza”

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser renamed a street leading to the White House “Black Lives Matter Plaza” and had the slogan painted in substantial yellow letters on it.

The city also installed a new street sign for the plaza at the intersection of H and 16th Streets, the site of St John’s Episcopal Church.

St John’s Episcopal Church was where US President Donald Trump, holding a Bible, stood for his Monday night photo-op after police officers in riot gear fired tear gas and charged demonstrators to make way for him.

Ms Bowser clashed with the president on the protests, speaking out about the federal response and calling for the removal of out-of-state National Guard troops.

Nationwide protests, mostly peaceful, had at times turned to vandalism, looting and clashes between police officers and protesters.