President Trump Threatens to Send in Military as Violence Flares across the US


Riots Flare across the Country, Trump Threatens to Unleash US Military

Cities across the US reeled from the violence that overshadowed otherwise peaceful protests more than a week after George Floyd died in Minneapolis in police custody.

Several cities saw police and demonstrators clash Monday night, with looters taking advantage of the mayhem.

President Donald Trump threatened to take the extraordinary step of sending US military forces into American cities to quell the unrest.

In a hurriedly-convened address to the nation Monday from the Rose Garden of the White House, Trump announced that he would dispatch many heavily armed soldiers, military personnel, and law enforcement officers to stop the rioting, looting, vandalism, assault, and the wanton destruction of property.

Amid the chaos, there were some incidents where police officers were shot or wounded. However, some moments brought hope for reconciliation as police officers in some cities took a knee to show support for the demonstrators, or even joined them.