Afghanistan to Release More than 900 Taliban Prisoners

The Announcement After The Ceasefire Entered its Third Day


Afghan authorities have announced plans to release more than 900 more Taliban prisoners as the ceasefire entered its third day. The National Security Council spokesman Javid Faisal said the exact number of prisoners to be released could vary subject to legal procedures.

The rare ceasefire came into effect on Sunday to mark the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

According to a US-Taliban agreement signed in February in Doha, Qatar, Afghanistan had pledged to release up to 5,000 Taliban prisoners while the Taliban would release 1,000 Afghan soldiers from custody.

The prisoner swap was delayed after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani refused to release all 5,000 Taliban prisoners at once. At the time, the government has already released 1,000 Taliban inmates while the armed group has freed 300 Afghan soldiers.