California Man Fleeing Police in Stolen Car Fatally Plunges Off Bridge


California Car Thief Dead after Plunging Off Bridge during Police Chase

An unidentified male suspect who was fleeing from police in a stolen vehicle plunged off a Bay area bridge in California Sunday evening, falling more than 100 feet before a fatal, fiery crash.

Police officers started chasing the suspect on Interstate 80, heading eastbound to the Carquinez Bridge in Crockett, where he lost control around a curve and crashed over the edge.

According to the authorities, the car burst into flames on impact with the ground, and the remains of the driver were severely burned so that he could not immediately be identified.

There was only one occupant in the vehicle.

The car reportedly landed on the beach near the bridge’s east end, near a factory. It was still unclear how fast it was moving before the incident.

The authorities were still investigating the incident.