Seven Pakistani Soldiers Killed in Separate Attacks in Balochistan

Six Died after Their Vehicle was Hit by Roadside Bomb


At least seven soldiers were killed in two separate attacks in Pakistan on Monday, the country’s military said.

The attacks happened in the Pir Ghaib area of the southwest Pakistani province of Balochistan, about 55km (34 miles) southeast of the provincial capital Quetta.

The authorities said six soldiers returning to base camp after routine patrolling duty died after their vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb.

In a separate incident, a soldier died during an exchange of fire with armed gunmen in the Mand area of the province.

Although there was no immediate claim of responsibility, the area has seen a resurgence of ethnic separatist violence in recent weeks.

Just last month, six soldiers were killed in a similar attack that was claimed by the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), a group calling for independence for the ethnic Baloch areas of the province.