75 Boko Haram Fighters Killed in Military Operations in Niger and Nigeria

The Armed Group has Killed More Than 36,000 People Since 2009


At least 75 Boko Haram fighters have been killed by the security forces in two operations in Niger and neighboring Nigeria.

Twenty-five “terrorists” were killed on Monday in southeast Niger while about 50 other fighters were neutralized in Nigerian soil on the same day.

Niger’s defense ministry said troops from Niger’s contingent carried out “aggressive reconnaissance” on the banks of the Komadougou River and clashed with Boko Haram fighters.

Twenty-five fighters were killed in the operation. Two soldiers were also wounded in the clashes.

The defense ministry said at least 50 fighters were killed in air raids and artillery bombardment on an island in the marshy Lake Chad region in northeastern Nigeria.

The operation comes after Boko Haram killed two soldiers and wounded three others during an attack on Nigerian military camp outside Diffa on May 3.

The armed group has killed more than 36,000 people and caused the displacement of nearly 2 million from their homes in northeastern Nigeria since 2009.