2 Florida Skydivers Suffer Injuries after Their Parachutes Failed to Open


Florida Skydivers Spiral toward the Ground after Failing to Open Parachutes

A skydiving teacher and student who were jumping in tandem suffered severe injuries after their parachutes failed to open over Titusville in Florida, sending them spiraling toward the ground.

Rescue teams responded to the incident at around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday and found the two skydivers on the front yard of a home. Both victims were flown to trauma centers with serious injuries.

Authorities were still investigating the incident.

A video of the fall showed the two, who were harnessed together, spinning as they accelerated toward the ground. They landed on a tree first, and then grass.

Both victims were conscious when the paramedics got to the scene.

The jump was arranged through Skydive Space Center, which reopened on May 2 following a closure due to the pandemic.

The center did not immediately respond to the incident.