Nick Cordero Awake Weeks after being Unconscious, Wife Announces


Broadway Actor Nick Cordero Awake after Battle with COVID-19

Broadway actor Nick Cordero recovered from a coma Tuesday after weeks of being unconscious during his battle with coronavirus.

His wife, Amanda Kloots, announced the news in a video on Instagram as she happily held their 10-month-old infant son Elvis.

Kloots also added that Cordero was still very weak from the medical issues he had faced, but was responsive and followed commands.

Cordero was initially hospitalized on March 30 after he was diagnosed with pneumonia. He later tested positive for coronavirus and was intubated on April 1.

Apart from having pneumonia, Cordero also went into septic shock, had two mini-strokes, had a temporary pacemaker placed, and suffered from blood clotting complications, which resulted in his right leg being amputated.

Kloots regularly posted about Cordero’s condition since he was admitted to the hospital. She also advised people to take all the required measures and stay home to avoid contracting coronavirus.