2 California Men Arrested after Brawl over Wearing Masks

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California Customers Brawl with Target Employee over Refusal to Wear Masks

Two men were arrested and accused of assaulting an employee at a Target store in California earlier this month after a confrontation over face masks.

Philip Hamilton, 31, and Paul Hamilton, 29, were arrested on felony battery charges in the May incident. The suspects were initially held instead of $50,000 bail but were released from custody Tuesday.

According to the authorities, the two were not wearing face masks when they entered the store in Van Nuys. After the Hamiltons refused to wear masks, an employee tried to escort them out of the store.

As they approached the exit, one of the suspects suddenly turned and punched the store employee. The other suspect also joined in the brawl, struggling with two other Target employees. A store surveillance camera recorded all that preceded.

The first employee broke his left arm during the scuffle.