Ventura County Officials Give Clarification on Claims it would Force People into Coronavirus Centers


Ventura County Says that not Self-quarantining would not Lead to Forceful Removal from Homes

Officials in Ventura County apologized Wednesday and clarified that those who were not isolating or self-quarantining would not be forcefully removed from their homes as part of the efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Ventura County Public Health director Dr. Robert Levin Tuesday, in a video circulating, had talked of a plan to hire about 50 new contact tracing investigators who would look for people with coronavirus and immediately isolate them. The investigators would also look for the contacts of these people and ensure that they were quarantined.

In a conference Wednesday, Levin admitted his poor messaging and stressed that those who would test positive or who would be identified as having come into contact with infected persons would not be forcibly removed from their homes.

At least 19 people had died from the coronavirus in Ventura County. As of Wednesday, 23 COVID-19 patients, including 11 in ICU units, were still hospitalized across the county’s eight hospitals.