California City Official Ousted over His Remarks amid Coronavirus Pandemic


Ken Turnage II Ousted after Characterizing People with Weak Immune as Drain on Society

A Northern California city official was ousted after he suggested that sick, old and homeless people be left to meet their “natural course in nature” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Antioch council city members voted Friday night unanimously for the removal of Ken Turnage II from his post as chairman of the city’s planning commission.

According to officials, there was uproar by the public after Turnage, in a Facebook post, characterized persons with weak immune systems as a drain on society.

As for homeless people, he said that the virus would fix what he termed as a significant burden on society.

Turnage later deleted the post but refrained from resigning or backing down his comments. In a two-hour council meeting held on Zoom, Turnage stated that his personal opinion had no connection to his duties as a planning commissioner and that removing him would be a violation of his freedom of speech.

However, city officials countered that his post brought a loss in confidence and created a disruption to the city.