Columbia Sends 15 Top Military Officials into Forced Resignation

The Officers were Accused of Illegally Spying on Civilians and other Military Officers


Columbia’s defense ministry has fired eleven top military officials accused of spying on politicians, journalists, magistrates and members of the military.

The ministry did not disclose the names of the officers sent into forced resignation. Columbia’s attorney general opened a probe into the accusations after a local news magazine published the allegations. The newspaper later followed up with the names and accounts from about 130 people.

Several repeated hacking scandals involving the military, including accusations that officials spied on negotiators at talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rebels, have been reported.

“Today 11 officials will be removed from their posts and retired from active service, also a brigadier general has asked to be voluntarily removed from active service,” Defence Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo said in a statement.

An investigation into the allegations is ongoing.