Pregnant Nurse Who Cared for Coronavirus Patients Tests Positive for the Virus


Brooklyn Pregnant Nurse Taking Care of COVID-19 Patients Contracts Virus

A pregnant nurse who took care of coronavirus patients in Brooklyn contracted the virus. She then went on a ventilator, and her heart stopped.

35-year-old Sylvia Leroy first felt the symptoms in Mid-March. She worked at Brookdale Hospital in the labor and delivery unit, which had been highly affected by the coronavirus.

Leroy’s sister, Shirley Licin, said that the hospital did not test the hospital staff even if some of them were sick.

Leroy waited a week for her test, but by then, she required a ventilator, and the conditions in Brookdale Hospital were worsening.

She was transferred to Mount Sinai in Manhattan, where better care, a host of medications, including Remdesevir, led to the improvement of her condition. After a week, she got off a ventilator and was awake, but three days later, her family was informed that she was in cardiac arrest.

Doctors helped in delivering her baby, Esther, through a caesarian section, but Leroy’s brain lost four minutes of oxygen before she was revived.

Doctors were not sure of what had caused the cardiac arrest. Leroy’s family was desperate to get her into a specialized rehab center for brain injury.