25 People Killed in Ethnic Clashes in the Central African Republic

Two Factions of FPRC are Fighting for the Control of Country's Resources


At least 25 people were killed and 51 others wounded after fighting broke out in the northeast of the Central African Republic, the country’s communication ministry said.

Members of the Popular Front for the Rebirth of the Central African Republic (FPRC) are reported to have clashed in the Ndele region the previous day. “The Gula wing of the FPRC attacked the Runga faction,” an official from the country’s United Nations mission said in a statement.

“There were about 100 Gulas who entered the town wearing civilian clothes,” the official said.

The FPRC split into two factions last year; the Runga ethnic group on one side, including FPRC’s military chief Abdoulaye Hissene, and rival fighters from the Gula and Kara ethnic communities on the other side.

The two factions are fighting for the control of the region’s resources, including the vast Diamond deposits.