Germany’s BioNTech Begins Human Trial of Candidate COVID-19 Vaccine

More Than 100 Potential Vaccines are Under Development across the World


A German pharmaceutical company has begun the human trial of its potential coronavirus vaccine.

BioNTech, which is collaborating with US-based Pfizer, said on Wednesday that it had administered doses of candidate vaccine BNT162 on twelve volunteers. The company said it is waiting to receive regulatory approval to beginning trials in the US.

Although a safe and effective vaccine is still more than a year away, researchers are currently testing existing drugs as well as promising experimental drugs that were already in clinical trials.

As many as 100 potential COVID-19 candidate vaccines are currently under development by biotech teams around the world. At least five of these are in Phase 1 clinical trials.

Medical researchers in the UK began clinical trials of a potential vaccine on April 23.