California Governor to Order Closure of All Beaches and State Parks


Newsom Expected to Announce Closure of All California Beaches after Weekend Crowds

California Governor Gavin Newsom was expected Thursday to announce the closure of all beaches and parks in the state due to coronavirus concerns after crowds flocked into the beaches last weekend.

A memo was sent on Wednesday by the governor’s office to California authorities to plan ahead of Newsom’s announcement.

The decision came after Newsom called out the massive crowds that jammed NewPort Beach in Orange County last weekend during a heatwave.

Newsom stated that the beach crowds were an excellent example of what people were not expected to do to ensure progress toward easing restrictions in the statewide stay-at-home order.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump said that the federal government would not extend guidelines that were set to expire on Thursday as he hoped to reopen the country.

Newsom’s expected announcement came as the total number of coronavirus related deaths in the US reached about 61,000.