Elderly Wisconsin Couple who Tested Positive for COVID-19 Die Six Hours Apart

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Husband, Wife of 73 Years Die Hours Apart after Contracting Coronavirus

A man and his wife of 73 years died six hours apart at a Milwaukee hospital after they tested positive for the coronavirus. In their final days, the staff had moved their beds together so they could hold hands.

Wilford and Mary Kepler spent their last moments together just feet apart at Froedtert Hospital. They died April 18, with Wilford Kepler, 94, dying first, and Mary Kepler, 92, dying six hours later.

Medical officials stated that although both Wilford and Mary tested positive for the coronavirus, Mary was the only one to die from the virus.

Wilford’s cause of death was listed as a traumatic head injury after he fell on April 12. Mary had tested positive for the virus on April 8 and was in self-quarantine at home. However, after her husband’s fall, they were taken to a hospital, where he also tested positive for the virus.

The elderly couple was able to communicate to their family via phone and video calls on their finals day.