More Than 700 Iranians Die after Ingesting Toxic Methanol to Treat Coronavirus

Health Ministry Says Some 5,011 People Had Been Poisoned from Methanol Alcohol


More than 700 people have been reported dead in Iran after consuming toxic methanol, thinking it would cure coronavirus.

According to reports released by national coroner’s authority, 728 Iranians died of alcohol poisoning between February 20 and April 7. The coroner said only 66 deaths resulting from alcohol poisoning were recorded last year.

Iranian health ministry spokesman said 5,011 people had been poisoned from methanol alcohol including some 90 who have lost their eyesight or are suffering eye damage.

The country has recorded 5,806 deaths from COVID-19 and more than 91,000 confirmed cases.

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump was criticized after raising the possibility of injecting disinfectant into patients to treat coronavirus.