Thousands of Indian Fishermen Stranded Amid Countrywide Lockdown

The Fishermen Travel to Gujarat Every Year Between August and March


More than 25,000 Indian fishermen have been stranded on their boats along the Gujarat coast after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a countrywide lockdown on March 24.

Fishermen from several Indian states such as Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh (AP), Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Biha travel to Gujarat every year in August.

The fishermen were set to return home in March.

The lockdown has paralyzed the country’s transport system after several states sealed their borders to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Several fishermen were left stranded without food and adequate sanitation facilities at the ports in the coastal states of Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

On April 22, 28-year-old MK Raju was found dead in his cabin at the Veraval Portwhen. A postmortem revealed that the fisherman had succumbed to a heart attack.

Anxiety is rising among the fishermen after cases of coronavirus were reported in a neighboring village in Veraval.