Slain Utah Couple Laid to Rest at Funeral Service Streamed Online amid COVID-19 Outbreak

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Murdered Utah Couple’s Funeral Held Online due to Coronavirus Restrictions

The funeral of a couple that was murdered in their Utah home a week ago was streamed online due to the state’s coronavirus restrictions.

Tony Butterfield, 31, and his wife Katherine, 30, were buried Saturday at an Outdoor funeral at Herriman City Cemetery in Utah. Only a few family members were allowed to attend the funeral in person.

An intruder killed the couple on the morning of April 18. Authorities said that Tony was found in the backyard with his wife near the front door. Their three children, all younger than 4, were sleeping in upstairs bedrooms when the incident happened.

Two days after the murder, police officials identified the suspect as 31-year-old Albert Enoch Johnson. He was arrested on murder charges Wednesday in California, where authorities stated that he attempted to escape.

Officers said that when the suspect reached home, his wife Sina Johnson, 29, threw away his bloody clothes, shoes, and a sheet believed to be involved in the homicide. She was also arrested and accused of helping her husband cover up the killings.

Authorities had not yet revealed the motive of the murders.