Several States Start Lifting Restrictions despite US Death Toll Surpassing 50,000


Georgia and Some Other States Reopen as Coronavirus Death Toll in the US Passes 50,000

Three states in the US allowed shops to reopen despite the country’s death toll surpassing 51,000.

Salons and spas were to reopen in Georgia and Oklahoma while Alaska had started lifting restrictions on restaurants.

On a Friday, President Trump walked out of a shorter than usual briefing after refusing to take questions. He faced criticism after suggesting that injection of household disinfectant into coronavirus patients could be beneficial.

Trump’s remarks on injecting disinfectants were condemned as dangerous and even deadly by doctors and manufacturers.

Customers who visited the newly reopened businesses in Georgia, Oklahoma, and Alaska were expected to continue adhering to social distancing measures. However, some cities and areas decided to keep their lockdowns in place.

Georgia allowed spas, bowling alleys, hair and nail salons, tattoo parlors, and other personal care businesses to resume operations. Dine-in restaurants and theatres would reopen on Monday.