Nancy Pelosi Mocks Trump’s Disinfectant Claims, Wants Relief for the Hard-hit States


Pelosi Accuses Trump and Mitch McConnell of Rejecting Science and Governance

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, on a briefing Friday, accused both President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of rejecting science and governance.

Pelosi questioned why Trump was requesting people to inject Lysol into their lungs, and why Mitch said that some states needed to go bankrupt.

In a White House briefing on Thursday, Trump had suggested that sunlight, high humidity, or possibly an injection of the disinfectant could be treatments to coronavirus. However, the White House claimed Friday that his comments, which most health experts termed as dangerous, were taken out of context.

Later on Friday, Trump claimed that he was just being sarcastic when he made the suggestion.

McConnell had earlier in the week raised eyebrows after stating that Congress was not supposed to be forced to bail out local and state governments, and suggesting that states facing hard financial times, like New York, needed to go bankrupt instead.

Pelosi called McConnell’s position morally wrong, saying that the Democrats were in full progress of coming up with the next massive COVID-19 aid package, which would help states battling with the virus.