Trump to Hold Signing Ceremony for a Bill Providing a Nearly $500 Billion Infusion of Coronavirus Spending


Trump to Sign Bill Aimed to Rush New Relief to Employers and Hospitals during Pandemic

President Donald Trump was set to hold a signing ceremony Friday for a bill that provided a nearly $500 billion infusion for COVID-19 spending.

The bill was aimed at rushing new relief to employers and hospitals, which were buckling under the coronavirus pandemic that had caused about 50,000 deaths in the US.

Congress approved the spending almost unanimously on Thursday.

House lawmakers held a meeting in Washington for the first time since March 27 and adopted more severe social distancing measures as they aimed to prove that they could do their work despite the crisis. The lawmakers’ face masks and bandannas added a somber tone to their effort to aid a nation that had been staggered by the health crisis and devastating economic costs of the pandemic.

Easy passage of the measure belied a potentially bumpier path ahead for future legislation.