Stephen Hawking’s Family Donates His Ventilator to NHS Hospital

Hawking Succumbed to Motor Neurone Disease in March 2018


The family of Stephen Hawking has donated hi ventilator to a National Health Service hospital in Cambridge to help in the treatment of coronavirus patients.

The acclaimed scientist died in March 2018 at the age of 76 after battling a motor neuron disease from the age of 21. He spent his lifetime probing the origins of the universe

“Professor Stephen Hawking’s family has donated his ventilator to Royal Papworth Hospital as we care for increasing numbers of COVID-19 patients,” the hospital announced on Wednesday. The hospital had treated him during his final days.

Hawking was an avid supporter of the NHS and is remembered for calling out ministers who sought to cut or privatize its services.

The UK government was recently criticized for failing to procure medical ventilators under the European Union-wide bulk-buy scheme.