Lebanese Man Arrested for Putting Nigerian “On-Sale” on Facebook

The Post Sparked Outrage in Nigeria with Authorities Asking Lebanon to Investigate


Lebanese security forces have arrested a man accused of putting a Nigerian domestic worker up “for sale” on a popular Facebook page.

“Domestic worker of African citizenship (Nigerian) for sale with a new residency and full legal papers,” the man posted on the page named Buy and Sell in Lebanon.

The suspect, who was identified as Wael Jerro, was arrested on Thursday by Lebanon’s General Security agency, the country’s leading intelligence agency. The agency also oversees entry and exit from the small Mediterranean nation.

The arrest came a day after Justice Minister Marie-Claude Najem ordered the judiciary to follow up on the case, citing Lebanon’s anti-human trafficking law. He said the case represented a “blatant violation of human dignity”.

The case sparked outrage in Nigeria, where officials asked the Lebanese government to investigate.