FBI Agents Raid Industrial Park and Seize Boxes Labeled as Respirators


FBI Raids Lakewood Industrial Park, Agents Seen Carrying Boxes Labeled as Respirators

FBI agents raided a Lakewood industrial park Wednesday afternoon and were seen carrying out boxes, some of them labeled as ‘respirators.’

According to officials, a team of at least two dozen agents who wore masks descended upon the businesses located on Swarthmore Avenue at about 4:30 p.m. The agents were also wearing jackets or vests that identified them as FBI personnel.

Federal authorities declined to comment about the incident.

Respirators had been an in-demand item for health workers during the coronavirus pandemic to treat people who had contracted the virus.

A few weeks ago, federal authorities had seized hundreds of thousands of personal protective equipment items from a hoarding location in Brooklyn.

Attorney General William Barr said late March that those who hoarded essential medical equipment or engaged in price-gouging for such items would be vigorously pursued.