Report: 31 Detainees Killed by Security Forces in Burkina Faso

The Fulani Men Were Arrested During a Counterterrorism Operation


Security forces in Burkina Faso have allegedly killed 31 unarmed detainees in the northern town of Djibo, the Human Rights Watch said.

The men, believed to be from the Fulani ethnic group, were allegedly killed shortly after being arrested on April 9.  The men were arrested during a counterterrorism operation.

According to the report, the bodies of 31 men who were last seen in the custody of the police were recovered shortly after gunshots were heard. Several had had their eyes or hands bound.

The victims had been taken away in a convoy of about 10 military vehicles, including pick-up trucks, an armored vehicle, and motorcycles.

Local people speculated the ethnic Fulani victims were targeted because of the recent presence of some armed fighters around Djibo. The country has been battling an armed uprising since 2015.