Fugitive Pennsylvania Murder Suspect Nabbed by Cops on Florida Beach


Florida Police Enforcing COVID-19 Measures Arrest Fugitive Murder Suspect

Police officers implementing coronavirus measures at a Florida beach Sunday arrested a man who was being sought in a Pennsylvania murder case.

Mario Matthew Gatti, 30, was arrested two days after Jacksonville beaches, which had been closed to curb the spread of the new coronavirus, were partially reopened.

Police officers posted a photo of the suspect in surfing shorts on the beach as he was being led away in handcuffs by two other officers.

According to the authorities, Gatti was taken into custody after being spotted loitering close to the dunes roughly 8:20 a.m.

Gatti was issued an arrest warrant after being involved in the killing of 33-year-old Michael Coover Jr., who was shot several times at an apartment in Arnold January.

Officials said that both Gatti and Coover had criminal records at the time of the murder.