Mexican Judge Orders for Release of Detained Migrants Vulnerable to COVID-19

More Than 40 Rights Groups Filed A Lawsuit Accusing Government of not Adequately Protecting Migrants


A Mexican judge has ordered for the release of detained immigrants who are vulnerable to coronavirus. The Mexico City district judge ruled that migrants be granted temporary residence rights to ensure access to health and social services.

In the provisional ruling published on Friday, the measure would apply to migrants more than 60 years of age and those who have a disability, chronic illness or other condition that places them at higher risk of contracting COVID-19.

The authorities were also directed to implement a series of measures to ensure access to medical care, water, health information and contact with relatives.

The ruling came after the Institute for Women in Migration (IMUMI) in coordination with more than 40 other groups filed a lawsuit against the government accusing it of failing to provide adequate protection to detained migrants during the pandemic.