Connecticut Family Seeking Justice after Hit-and-run Driver Kills Teen


Hit-and-run Driver Kills 19-year-old Dad, Connecticut Family Seeking Justice

A family in Connecticut was seeking justice a week after a hit-and-run driver allegedly struck a 19-year-old teen and left him for dead on the roadside.

Isaac Alvarez was an employee at a MacDonald’s in Hartford. At about 11 p.m. on April 10, he finished his shift and hopped on his skateboard before he was struck by a car on his way home.

According to officials, Alvarez was left on the roadside until morning when a jogger discovered his body. Alvarez’s family said that he was hit just a quarter of a mile away from the restaurant and minutes away from his home.

An investigation to determine what took place in the incident and who was involved was still underway.

According to the restaurant co-owner, Jim Gallagher, Alvarez had aspirations to be a manager.

The 19-year-old dad left behind two young children and a widow. His funeral was on Thursday.