Florida Police Arrest Man after Threatening to Shoot Grocery Store


Florida Man Threatens Supermarket Shooting Because Not Enough People were Wearing Masks

Police in Florida arrested a 62-year-old man Tuesday after he posted on social media threatening to shoot up a local Publix supermarket because not enough people wore masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

According to the authorities, Robert Kovner was accused of making a written threat of a mass shooting, a second-degree felony in Florida.

Officials did not disclose the Publix location.

The Highlands County Sheriff, in a statement, said that such threats were not an excuse for the stressful times of COVID-19 pandemic, and would be treated as a serious crime.

Kovner later apologized to members of a Facebook public forum in Florida, saying that he had lost several relatives to COVID-19, and his mother was also fighting for her life due to the virus.

As of Thursday morning, Florida had recorded over 22,500 positive coronavirus cases and at least 614 deaths.

Health officials recommended for people to wear masks, especially in grocery stores and other public places, to prevent the spread of the virus.