24 Rohingya Found Dead on Boat that Failed to Reach Malaysia

396 People were Rescued and Taken to Myanmar for Treatment


At least 24 deaths were reported after a boat filled with Rohingya that was sailing to Malaysia went adrift for more than two months, the coastguard in Bangladesh said.

The coastguard confirmed that 396 people had been rescued from the boat and were sent to neighboring Myanmar for treatment. The majority of those rescued were women and children.

The group had reportedly been turned back from Malaysia three times. A refugee told reporters that a fight between the crew and passengers broke out at one point.

On April 5, Malaysian authorities intercepted a boat off the coast of the northwestern island of Langkawi and detained more than 200 Rohingya, including children, who were found onboard.

Myanmar does not recognize Rohingya as citizens and severely curbs their movement and access to healthcare, education and jobs.

Hundreds of Rohingya fled Myanmar in 2017 after military crackdown and violence against the Rohingya in the western state of Rakhine.

Myanmar has denied persecuting the Rohingya and maintains that they are not an indigenous group.