Ohio Gathering Demands DeWine to End Social Distancing


Several Ohio Protesters Want End to Social Distancing, Reopening of the Economy

A large group of more than 100 protestors gathered Monday outdoors the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus. Officials said the protestors were demanding Gov. Mike DeWine to end the statewide stay-at-home order that was placed to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

DeWine was also dealing with some Ohio General Assembly GOP lawmakers in a bid to reopen the economy and reduce the number of jobless Ohioans, even if some social distancing rules were to continue in the coming months.

In a video, several demonstrators outside in the statehouse atrium were seen banging windows of the media room with signs that stated that the remedy was even worse than the virus.

Other protestors were waving American flags chanting that they were not afraid, and Ohio had to be reopened again.

As of Tuesday, black curtains had been installed in the Ohio Statehouse to block windows so that the protestors would be unable to look through into the media area.