Guam Worries as Sailors from US Navy Ship Hit by Coronavirus Quarantine in Hotels


Sailors from COVID-19 Stricken US Navy Ship Seek Guam Hotels to Self-Quarantine

Guam residents were worried when several sailors from a COVID-19 stricken Navy aircraft carrier flooded into hotels to self-quarantine, with officials saying that they had enforced strict safety measures.

Coronavirus outbreak aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt started late March and had led to a leadership crisis after the ship’s commander in a letter urged fast action to be taken to protect his sailors.

The carrier had been docked in the US territory for over a week. The virus infected more than 580sailors, one being hospitalized in intensive care Thursday.

According to the Navy officials, over 1,700 sailors who had tested negative for the virus were isolating in hotels. Those who were sick remained on base.

Medical teams and military police were the only ones allowed to visit the hotel rooms where the sailors were quarantining. The Navy had sent masks, gloves, as well as other safety equipment to the hotels.