Miami Officer Handcuffs Black Doctor Testing Homeless People for Coronavirus

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Miami Authorities Launch Probe after Doctor Gets Handcuffed Outside Home

An investigation was launched after an African-American doctor common for testing homeless people for the novel coronavirus was handcuffed by a police officer outside his home, according to the authorities.

In a video that surfaced, Dr. Armen Henderson, who worked for the University of Miami Health System, was seen being handcuffed outside his Miami home Friday.  He was unloading some items from a car when a police officer pulled up in a squad car, started some argument then handcuffed him.

A home security camera captured the whole encounter.

Henderson said that he was released from the handcuffs by the officer after he screamed for his wife, who came out with identification.

The officer told Henderson that he was patrolling the area after he received complaints of some people illegally dumping trash in the neighborhood. He then handcuffed him when he did not provide identification.

Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina stated Saturday that his agency would not accept such profiling and was doing an investigation on the matter.