50 Crew Members On Board French Aircraft Carrier Test Positive for COVID-19

Three Sailors Have Been Evacuated to a Military Hospital in Toulon


At least fifty crew members on board France’s aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaull, have tested positive for coronavirus.

The French armed forces ministry said three sailors had been evacuated by air to a military hospital in Toulon, southern France, for treatment.

A medical team was sent to the ship on Wednesday after the ministry had reported signs of COVID-19 symptoms among 40 crew members. “The results of 66 tests showed 50 cases of COVID-19 aboard the Charles de Gaulle” part of the statement read.

The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, which has 1,760 personnel on board, is en route to Toulon where it is due to dock in a few days.

The ministry said it had implemented measures aimed at protecting the crew and containing the spread of the virus.