Saudi-UAE Coalition Declares Two-Week Ceasefire in Yemen

More Than 100,000 People Have Been Killed in the Yemen War


The Saudi-UAE coalition has declared a two-week unilateral ceasefire intended to help prevent a coronavirus outbreak in Yemen. The announcement came days after the United Nations called for a halt in the conflict.

The ceasefire, which came into effect at 12 pm local time on Thursday is expected to allow for the de-escalation of the war and give the Houthi rebels an opportunity to join UN-sponsored peace talks.

There was no immediate comment by the Houthis. The group’s spokesperson had earlier said that it had sent the UN a comprehensive vision which includes an end to the five-year war.

Yemen has been in conflict since the Houthis toppled the government from power in Sanaa in late 2014. More than 100,000 people have been killed in the conflict.