LA Zoo Takes Extra Measures after First Coronavirus Case Confirmed in an Animal in the US


Los Angeles Zoo Takes Additional Precautions after Tiger Tests Positive for Coronavirus

The Los Angeles Zoo announced that it was taking extra safety measures to protect the health of animals and workers amid the coronavirus outbreak. This was after a tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for the virus.

The LA Zoo said that it was not testing any of its big cats as none of them had shown any COVID-19 symptoms. But workers at the zoo had started using personal protective equipment and practicing social distancing with these animals. Several other zoos were taking steps too to stay safe.

The infected tiger at the Bronx Zoo, a 4-year-old female Malayan tiger named Nadia, started developing a dry cough and a decrease in appetite. Her sister Azul, two Amur tigers and three African lions also showed coronavirus symptoms, but all of them, including Nadia, were expected to recover.

The zoo stated that the cats had been infected by a person who cared for them and had COVID-19, but was asymptomatic or had not yet developed the symptoms.

All the cats were expected to survive.