New York Funeral Homes Face Challenge as US Virus Deaths Surge


Funeral Homes in NY Struggle as Coronavirus Death Toll Rises

Pat Marmo walked among more than 20 deceased in the basement of his Brooklyn funeral home, with his protective mask pulled down so that his pleas could be heard. He said that those were not bodies but fathers, mothers, grandmothers and other persons who perished from the virus.

Just like in other funeral homes in New York, Marmo’s business was in crisis as he tried to meet the surging demand amid the coronavirus outbreak which had killed more than 1,400 people in the city alone.

According to a report, Marmo’s company was equipped to hold 40 to 60 cases at a time, but on Thursday morning, it was taking care of 185 cases.

Funeral homes in New York were facing a big problem with hospitals trying to offload bodies and cemeteries and crematoriums being booked for a week or two.

Marmo stated that this was a state of emergency and they needed help.

The surge in deaths came at a time when there were tight restrictions on gatherings, making it hard for families to bid goodbye to their loved ones.