Man Paid $5k to Kill Chicago Pregnant Teen Who was Witness in Murder Case


Man Paid to Execute Pregnant Teen, Prosecutors Say

A young man told his friends that he was paid $5,000 to execute a pregnant Chicago teenager who was the chief witness in a murder trial, prosecutors stated Thursday.

Kavarian Rogers faced charges for the murder of Treja Kelley, 18, who had been killed in September, some months after she had testified in a trial about the death of her cousin.

According to a report, Rogers told people that he had received $5,000 for killing a girl who had testified against somebody. Prosecutors said that he posted Facebook videos showing off expensive shoes and costly bills.

Rogers’ attorney requested that he, Rogers, be given a bond to avoid the risk of coronavirus in the Cook County jail, but the court declined it.

Kelley testified last June against Deonte Davis, a man charged in the 2016 slaying of a 17-year-old girl. David was convicted and was awaiting sentencing.