Texas Man Who Attacked Asian Family over Coronavirus Could Face Hate Crime Charge


FBI Could Charge Man Who Attacked Asian Americans over Coronavirus with Hate Crime

A man who allegedly attempted to kill an Asian American family in a Texas supermarket to prevent them from spreading the new coronavirus could face FBI hate crime charges, according to a news source.

Jose L. Gomez, 19, was accused of stabbing three people inside a Sam’s Club in Midland on March 14. He was said to have approached an Asian family of four before he stabbed three of them, including 2-year- and 6-year-old children.

Zack Owen, a store employee, intervened and tacked Gomez to the ground. Owen got stabbed in the leg and cut on the hand as the two struggled for the knife. Bernie Ramirez, an off-duty Border Patrol agent who had gone shopping for groceries detained Gomez before Midland police got to the scene.

The case was under investigation by the federal law enforcement agency as a hate crime.