Pakistan Overturns Life Sentence of Mastermind in the Killing of WSJ Journalist

Daniel Pearl was Kidnapped and Killed while Investigating Armed Groups in Karachi


A Pakistani court has overturned a murder conviction of a man accused of kidnapping and killing of a Wall Street Journal reported in 2002.

Mr. Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, who had already served 18 years, was found guilty of a lesser charge of Kidnapping and was sentenced to seven years in jail. His release orders were expected to be issued on Thursday.

Saeed Sheikh and at least three other people were convicted for masterminding the killing of Daniel Pearl. He was investigating armed groups in Karachi after the September 11, attacks on the United States when he was kidnapped in January 2002. Video footage of his murder later emerged.

A two-member bench of the High Court of Sindh province said the other three suspects who had been serving life sentences had been acquitted.