Minnesota Trooper Stops Speeding Doctor, Issues N95 Masks instead of Ticket


Speeding Doctor Touched after Minnesota Trooper Gave Her Face Masks instead of Ticket

A cardiologist pulled over for speeding on a Minnesota interstate stated that she was deeply touched when a trooper issued her with face masks instead of a ticket.

According to a local news report, Sarosh Ashraf Janjua, 37, wrote in a Facebook post Friday that a Minnesota state trooper pulled her over and looked at her Massachusetts license before he asked her what she was doing so far from home. Janjua responded that she was traveling to the state every month to work as a fill-in cardiologist.

Trooper Brian Schwartz went to his car to scan her license plate number and told her that it was irresponsible of her to speed because, in case of an accident, she would not be able to help patients.

Janjua waited for Schwartz to write her a ticket, but instead, he let her off with a warning, gave the license back and also pressed five N95 masks into her hand. He decided to offer his masks to her after noticing that Janjua had two used N95 masks in her purse, which he assumed that she was reusing, the Minnesota State Police Patrol stated.

The trooper’s act was selfless and bolstered Janjua’s confidence in the public’s resolve against the coronavirus outbreak.