Maine Armed Vigilantes Cut Tree, Block Driveway to Force Neighbor to Self-quarantine


Armed Vigilantes Block Driveway to Force Neighbor to Quarantine amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Several armed vigilantes chopped down a tree and dragged it across a neighbor’s driveway in a bid to force him to self-quarantine in his home amid fears that he may have contracted coronavirus.

According to a local news source, a man residing on Cripple Creek Highway, an island of the coast of Maine, called police officials at roughly 3:35 p.m. Friday. He reported a group of people with guns who had cut down a massive tree and dragged it in front of his driveway, blocking access to the main road.

The unidentified man said he left his home to check his property when he realized that the cable went out. He went back to his house and hailed the Coast Guard for assistance by use of a VHF radio after a neighbor started yelling at him to get indoors and stay quarantined.

The armed vigilantes dispersed before the authorities arrived. The incident was still under investigation.

The man and his two roommates had lived in Vinalhaven for about a month since coming from out-of-state. Several towns in Maine asked seasonal residents as well as outside visitors to self-quarantine to prevent the spread of coronavirus.