The US Now Leading with Most Coronavirus Cases Worldwide


US COVID-19 Cases Surpass Those of China, Italy

The US became the new leading country with most coronavirus cases globally, surpassing both China and Italy. The number of cases in the US climbed up to over 82,000 on Thursday, with New York, New Orleans and several other states facing a surge in hospitalization, and having a shortage of supplies, sick beds and staff.

With hospitals running short of ventilators and protective masks, the US death toll from Coronavirus infections rose above 1,200.

One of the hospitals in New York City was trying a technique of sharing single ventilators between two patients.

As New York had become the new coronavirus epicenter in the US, the next big wave of infections appeared to be headed for Louisiana, where the demand for ventilators had already doubled up. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards stated that by April 2, New Orleans would be facing a shortage of ventilators and would potentially be out of beds by April 7.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases had reached 82,400 in the United States Thursday, overtaking both China and Italy. China had 81, 782 confirmed cases while Italy had 80,589 cases.