Trump Hopes for the Reopening of US Economy by Easter amid Coronavirus Outbreak


Trump Hopes to See US Economy Reopened by Easter amid COVID-19 Pandemic

President Donald Trump stated Tuesday that he was hoping the US economy would reopen by Easter. He said this as he weighed how to relax the nationwide social-distancing measures in a bid to put several workers back on jobs during the coronavirus pandemic, a news source reported.

Trump’s optimism contradicted the warnings of several public health officials who were calling for more strict restrictions on public interactions. But federal officials suggested that the measures could be loosened in places that were not experiencing widespread coronavirus infection.

With the lives as well as the economy hanging in the balance, President Trump said Tuesday that he was already looking for a way to ease the advisories that had sidelined workers, closed down schools and caused a widespread economic slowdown.

Trump, while addressing the nation, said that he was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But scientists had earlier stated that the worst was yet to come.

Health experts made it clear to the public that unless they continued limiting social interaction, the number of infections could overwhelm the healthcare system.