64 Bodies of Ethiopian Men Found Inside a Cargo Container in Mozambique

The Migrants were Being Sneaked into South Africa


At least 64 people were found dead inside a cargo container in Mozambique’s northwest Tete province on Tuesday morning.

The authorities said the container was en route from Malawi when the truck was stopped near the border. A spokesperson for Tete migration services said the truck was stopped after the authorities heard banging noises coming from inside the container.

Upon opening the container, the authorities found 64 bodies believed to have died from suspected asphyxiation. Fourteen people were found alive. The victims, all Ethiopian men, were being sneaked into South Africa.

The truck driver and his assistant, both Mozambicans, told the police that they had been promised about $500 to transport the men. The two have since been arrested.

Meanwhile, a manhunt is underway to arrest a suspected intermediary who facilitated the entry of the Ethiopian men into the country.