President Trump Signs Coronavirus Relief Measures


Trump Signs Coronavirus Relief Plan to Expand Paid Leave

President Donald Trump signed into law a $100 billion coronavirus relief package Wednesday. The aid package included provisions for emergency paid leave for workers, and free testing as well.

The Senate had on Wednesday morning also passed a bill to expand paid leave and unemployment benefits in response to the new coronavirus outbreak, a local news source reported.

The economic bill relief signed by Trump would ensure free coronavirus testing, would bolster unemployment insurance, increase spending on health insurance for the poor, and add $100 billion in food relief.

The agreement included paid sick days for some employees, and three months paid emergency leave throughout the crisis. The government would reimburse some of the costs for businesses through tax credits in a bid to offset the costs of employers.

The bill, however, exempted big businesses with more than 500 employees from providing their employees with paid sick leave or family leave.

The Senate Republicans were still negotiating with the White House a third relief aid which would further bolster relief for the small businesses, and also add targeted relief for several industries.

The Treasury Department was also proposing about $1 trillion packages, which would include $150 billion to boost affected sectors of the US economy, $50 billion for the airline industry, and $300 billion for the creation of a small business interruption loan program.