Homeless Los Angeles Families Occupy Vacant Homes amid COVID-19 Outbreak


Homeless Los Angeles Families Seize Vacant Homes Blaming Coronavirus

A group of homeless families in Los Angeles reportedly took over several public-owned homes Wednesday in El Sereno, Los Angeles. The group argued that government officials had failed to give necessary shelter to them during the coronavirus pandemic.

The occupation followed a similar seizure Saturday, where two families and a man had moved into one of the dozens of empty homes owned by Caltrans. As of Wednesday, the protesters had taken over 12 homes and were planning to remain in the properties indefinitely.

The LA protesters stated that their push was more urgent due to the spread of the coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19.

Public health experts in the US were calling for increasingly more stringent measures, including requesting people to stay indoors as well as keep distance from each other to slow the spread of the virus.